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Hi Webmaster,

After my Wife's first dare and all the comments and requests for more pics, she has decided to post again.

I thought the sex was the best ever after showing her the post on your site, but after receiving all the emails she demanded that we take some more pics, as all the replies made her so wet. I didn't think that our sex life could be any better after that first post and all the emails but boy was I wrong.

While taking the next set of pics every time I touched or moved my sexy wife to a different position she was almost cumming knowing that I was going to be playing with her body afterwards. And when I finally put the camera down and started to run my hands over that horny body she was cumming before I got anywhere near her tits or pussy, so please keep the comments coming and we will keep taking photos. Hopefully she will get more and more daring as her confidence builds. Thanks for a great site and for improving our sex life.

Sorry I've blanked out her beautiful face but she doesn't want to be recognised.

Sexy69 wants to add to this post so i'll hand over to her.




I never thought that having my naughty pics up on a web-site would be this exciting!

Having never had that much confidence in my body, I hadn't even contemplated doing this but after years of my husband telling me how sexy I am he wanted to show me by taking a few pics. I was a bit nervous at first, he soon got me to relax by playing with my pussy, I started to enjoy showing off to the camera. We only managed a few pics before we were having to put the camera aside for some red hot sex! I had never got so wet!

The following day we looked at the pics and did agree that I looked as hot as he told me I did. We'd talked about putting up the pics on your web site but I was hesitant at first, then we agreed that he would post the pics whilst I was at work one day. He did, I came home from work a couple of days later and he showed me the post, then he showed me the responses that we'd had. I was stunned and extremely turned on! I was so wet that my thong was soaked. I think my husband was even more turned on because as soon as I'd read the sexy e-mails, he bent me over his computer desk and fucked me!

Since then we've had more e-mails with requests for more pics so we got the camera out again and again for the next three hot sex sessions. We'll be putting these up in stages - how brave I get depends on the responses we get!

I'm wet right now just typing this for you and knowing that you are looking at more pics of me! Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did posing for them!!!!

sexy69wife xx



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